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Good relationships are essential to building success. That’s why at Say School, all our teachers are highly-qualified, experienced, with the right personality to deliver educational excellence to you. All are qualified, with minimum of four years’ experience. Furthermore, Say School teachers are positive, friendly, supportive and passionate about imparting the power of communication to you!

Meet David.
Your new teacher.

Dear prospective student, thank
you for your interest in Say School!

As the founder of Say School, I want to tell you a little bit about me and why I started the school. I think the best way is to give you an abridged version of my adult life so far.

After graduating from university and going on a working holiday to Canada, I was fortunate enough to have opportunities to work in TV post-production in the UK and Australia (2004 – 2008). Upon moving back to London from Sydney in 2008, it was impossible to find work in the aftermath of the global financial collapse.
I realised after a lengthy, unsuccessful job search that working in the Media industry wasn’t for me anymore and that a career change was necessary. At that time, with fond memories of a voluntary teaching placement in Nigeria (2001), that I heard about great opportunities to teach English in South Korea. Before applying for jobs, I decided to take the ‘gold-standard’ English teaching qualification – the CELTA (developed by Cambridge University) to prepare me for the classroom. So, in October 2009, I accepted my first proper teaching job in South Korea, packed my suitcase, and departed for a completely new life, career, and culture.

‘The rest is history’, as they Say. From that moment onwards, my newly discovered love of teaching English flourished alongside the incredible opportunities it provided to travel, meet new people and learn their culture, see the world, and indulge my passion for enjoying nature, surfing, and adventure.

… Fast forward to 2018, it was time to return to Europe and be closer to home. Having made this massive change in my life, I came to Portugal for a two-week surf holiday to refresh my mind. After just one week, I realized how amazing Portugal is – the people, the country, the culture, and all the sun and surf! Within a few days of job searching, I was lucky to get a great teaching position at a language school.

In 2019, I decided the time was right to ‘go it alone’ and combine my professional and teaching experience with my passion for innovative, tailor-made educational programs aimed at fulfilling the needs of my students.

Now, in 2020, we are all living through a difficult situation. However, I have already seen so much positivity, community spirit, and care for one other in public. I know that a brighter, better future awaits us once we have collectively done what is necessary. We need to stay strong together, communicate with compassion, and keep ourselves mentally and physically healthy. Even if we are all confined to our homes for the foreseeable future, with our up and down days, we can still thrive and be the best versions of ourselves everyday! Say School is driven by this – with the intention of being a learning tool towards achieving your positive and successful future! I hope to see you online or in the classroom someday soon!

With sincere well-wishes to you all.

David Bermingham
Say Founder / Academic Director / Head Teacher

May, 2020

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