David Bermingham
Professional Profile

Professional Profile

I am a dedicated English language and skills instructor who has worked extensively in the design, implementation, and evaluation of specialist learner programs, specifically in English for academic purposes and skills-based training contexts. I am passionate about working with learners of all ages and backgrounds, with varying educational requirements. Firmly believing in the core values of respect and kindness, I create a learning environment that encourages natural curiosity, inventiveness, and desire to create and interact in practical and positive ways.

Teaching Experience

Founder and teacher
Say School / Caparica, Portugal 2019 – present
I started Say School in May, 2019. As Director and Head Teacher, I develop customised online/hybrid (online/classroom-based) courses for learners with varying needs and abilities.

English Language Teacher
Cambridge School / Portugal / 2018 – 2019
English taught to all levels from Juniors (A1) to Cambridge Exam Courses (C2) totaling over 1,300 hours of classroom instruction.

English Language Lecturer
Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology / South Korea / 2016 – 2017
Employed to assist scientists and researchers in developing their English writing skills for journal publication, my instruction focused on the conventions of scientific language and editing manuscripts for brevity and clarity. Additionally, I provided one-to-one English tutorials where students could seek further assistance, develop and rehearse conference presentations, and practice their interpersonal and English communication skills.
Courses developed, designed, and delivered:
• Graduate Research Writing in Science & Engineering
• Graduate Academic Presentation & Discussion
• Study Skills & Critical Thinking

English Language Instructor
Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology / Japan / 2015 – 2016
I supported scientists to develop their research writing skills and was tasked with improving the English ability of Japanese administrative staff. In this wide-ranging teaching context, I developed and taught these courses:
• English for Administrative Staff
• Advanced Academic Writing
• Basic Conversational English
• English through Literature
• Advanced Grammar
• English through Science & Technology
• English through News & Current Affairs
• The Language of Science
• English for Socializing/ Body Language
• Presentations Skills
• Cross-Cultural Communication
• Common English Errors

Visiting Professor
Global Joint Education Centre, Kumamoto University, Kumamoto City / Japan 2016 – 2017
I taught an Advanced Academic Writing Workshop for an international cohort of Master’s and PhD students to improve their writing skills and assist in achieving publication in a scientific journal. The workshop was reviewed with approval in 2016 and I was invited to deliver it again in December 2017.

Assistant Professor of English Language Education
Kwandong University, Gangneung City / South Korea / 2013 – 2015
I was responsible for the design, assessment, and delivery of an extensive program for Undergraduate and Postgraduate English Language Education majors in the following areas:
• Advanced Composition
• Listening & Speaking Skills
• British & American Cultural Studies
• Practical English Teaching Skills
• Modern US/UK Literature
• Conversational English
• Teaching Pronunciation
• Teaching with English Literature
• Language & Cultural Studies
• World Englishes

Middle School English Language Teacher
Gyeongsangnam Province Office of Education / South Korea / 2010 – 2012
This diverse teaching context provided for multiple challenges in the form of mixed-level classes, requiring professional and flexible teaching approaches at three schools. Teaching conversational English, I was solely responsible for curriculum/syllabus design, including the essential utilization of smart-technology such as interactive classrooms and online materials.

Research Publications

• Bermingham, D. (2016) EFL Communication: A South Korean Middle School Perspective

• Bermingham, D. (2015) The Mobile Revolution, English Teaching Professional

• Bermingham, D. (2015) A Study on Applying Mobile Assisted Language Use for Korean University EFL Students, English Teachers’ Association in Korea (ETAK), pp.117-129.

Research Presentations

STEM Conference, Chuncheon, Korea (2014); ATEM Conference, Fukuoka, Japan, (2014)


• Community English activities, Portugal 2019 – present
• Voluntary teacher – UNESCO/ Gwangju, South Korea / 2018
• Volunteer, Maeda Nature School / Okinawa / 2016 – 2017
• Volunteer, Coastal Conservation Association/ Okinawa 2015
• IT Literacy Tutor / Delta State, Nigeria / 2001

Language Skills

• Basic Portuguese (B1)
• Basic Korean
• Basic French

Non-Teaching Work Experience

Video Producer
Qantas Airlines / Sydney, Austrália / 2008 – 2009
Working with a cameraman and a presenter, I was responsible for script writing, pre/post, production, and on-location directing of Qantas’ monthly in-flight entertainment video program.

Senior Producer
Stellar Group / Sydney, Austrália / 2008
I oversaw all aspects of audio and video media production for the major airline clients, and lead a four-person production team at the Sydney Office.

Post-Production Coordinator / Producer
British Sky Broadcasting / Londres / 2004 – 2007
I assisted all aspects of production in the On-Air Promotions Department, including video editing, copywriting, and on-location support.


Master’s Degree / Applied Linguistics & TESOL
Portsmouth University / England / Graduated 2012
A comprehensive and modern postgraduate program that thoroughly reviews developments in the theories of language use and learning, sociolinguistic issues surrounding the contemporary importance of English, and the future of English language education. Modules studied:
• Theory of TESOL
• Practical Teaching Methodologies
• Applied Linguistic Analysis
• Technology in Language Learning
• Materials Design
• Syllabus Development
• World Englishes
• The Future of English
The dissertation component allowed me to develop my expertise in improving learner motivation through conducting an extended piece of qualitative research.

Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) / Language Link School / London / Qualified 2009
Committed to professional development, I completed this course to facilitate my career change into teaching. I gained essential knowledge and ESL teaching experience with adults in the UK.

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Philosophy
University of Southampton, 2003
At 18, I had not identified a particular subject to pursue at university. Having many questions about life at that time, Philosophy was appealing. It gave me a solid grounding in critical thinking, objectivity, and a broadened awareness of the world.

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