Body Language and English for Socialising

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Do you ever feel uncomfortable during a social or business interaction and not know why? Often, the reason is due to people’s unintelligible, subliminal body language and vocal cadence. This informative course will help you decode these messages. It features two main components: developing body language detection skills and knowing how to respond accordingly with your own body language, words, and tone.

English level: Intermediate to advanced.
Topics covered: We will use a wide-range of material and real-life examples from well-known individuals to enhance your communicative ability. Additionally, we will examine the seven most common body language gestures encountered on a daily basis, enabling you to better understand society and have more positive interactions in every aspect of your life.
Class times: (to be scheduled).

Duration: 12 weeks.
Starts: Classes can be taken on an individual basis (one-to-one) or in small group classes of 2 – 8 students (upon registration of 2 online students).
Teacher: David.
Location: Online, or at a pre-arranged location in the Lisbon area.
Assessment Plan: Regular teacher feedback/assessment throughout the course, a final exam, and issuance of a course completion certificate.

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