Academic Presentation and Discussion

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This course is designed to teach students the skills necessary to become objective learners. You will learn new to ask better questions, be more sceptical, and how to plan, lead, and present a scientific or research-based investigation. This course will also equip you will the knowledge needed to make a powerful, purposeful communication to your audience, plan and prepare presentations, deliver with brevity and clarity, handle Q&A sessions, and generate interest in your message.

English level: Intermediate to advanced.
Topics covered: Practical skills and techniques to improve research reading, writing, listening, and discussion in your academic context. Students will also learn and develop practical competence in several styles of spoken English: to inform, persuade, narrate, demonstrate, and build support. These skills will be beneficial to your life as a student and beyond.
Class times: (to be scheduled).

Duration: 12 weeks.
Starts: Classes can be taken on an individual basis (one-to-one) or in small group classes of 2 – 8 students (upon registration of 2 online students).
Teacher: David.
Location: Online, or at a pre-arranged location in the Lisbon area.
Assessment plan: Regular teacher feedback/assessment throughout the course, a final exam, and issuance of a course completion certificate.

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