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• Portuguese for foreigners

• Services: copywriting, editing, translation and proofreading


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English and pure fun!

Meet David.
Your new teacher.

Hello, I’m David!

Sometimes when people ask me, “Why did you choose to become an English teacher?” I reply, “I didn’t – English teaching chose me!”. Of course, I’m kidding but it’s also partially true. During the summer holidays after my first year of university (2001), I volunteered with a charity in Nigeria to teach computer skills to school teachers, enabling them to teach I.T. to their students. I had a fantastic experience and discovered that not only is teaching (sharing knowledge) incredibly fulfilling, but the interpersonal interaction involved is often so much fun and rewarding, especially when learners have a “eureka!” moment. I love teaching English and helping students grow and achieve their goals. I look forward to teaching you online or in the classroom soon!

English Clinic

Need assistance with a specific English problem?

Maybe you don’t need to take lessons but still need help with something English-related? The English Clinic will assist you with any of your language needs – no matter the context. At the English Clinic, we focus solely on your problems, resolve them and make the stress go away. Whatever it is, we have it covered at the English Clinic. It’s the cure to your English aches and pains! Just saying.

Book an appointment at the English Clinic here.

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